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Michael Kors Crossbody With Tassel

This michael kors crossbody is finished with a golden trim and tortoise shell design on the tote body. It includes a tasseled handle and is made of leather. You can option to the tassel or the handle. This crossbody is perfect for any airport or airport business.

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Michael Kors Crossbody Bag With Tassel

If you're looking for a stylish and comfortable handbag, the michael kors crossbody bag is perfect for you! This bag has a stylish tasseled crossbody bag as well as a number of other features to make it a great choice.

Michael Kors Tassel Crossbody

The michael kors tassel crossbody is a stylish crossbody bag that features a black tassel hobo design. It is perfect for carrying plenty of chargers, sunglasses, and a book on your shoulder. The bag is also spacious enough to store a lot of gear in. This bag is perfect for any day or for carrying around the office. this crossbody is a great addition to your outfit with adding a tasseled name or number on the front. It would also work well as a stylish shoulder bag. this michael kors crossbody with tasseles is a great bag for any day or for your everyday go-to bag. The crossbody has a soft, lightweight fabric and a comfortable tasseling system, making it a perfect choice for on-the-go. The crossbody also features a selection of pockets and features, including a front contrast pocket, making it a perfect bag ofoards counterpart. this michael kors crossbody bag is the perfect choice for the most secret of purposes. It has a luxurious feel to it with a tasseled crossbody bag. It is also spacious for youramahl or passport. The tasseled crossbody bag is perfect for the shelly or any other important items.